Tips from WFB Gardeners 

In the Spring, get out and trim shrubs that bloom on new wood which include: butterfly bush; St. Johns wort; tardiva hydrangea (other cultivars bloom on old wood and if you trim them you will lose your blossoms, so be sure); vitex (chaste-tree); and beautyberry.  While you are out there with the trimmers (which are sharp!), look for dead limbs and crossing branches to remove. It is much easier to spot while the branches are bare. Place compost (Natures Helper) around the base of flora, remembering not to pack soil/compost up too close to the trunk. Now you are ready to pine-straw in the spring.

In the Fall:  Replace tired summer flowers with cool-weather annuals such as pansies or flowering cabbage and kale.  Neaten worn-out perennials by clipping spent flowers and brown foliage.  Plant shrubs and trees in a hole 3 times bigger than root ball.