2012 Board
another shot of our Board
Sheila and Debbie having fun
Anita, Mary and Lee having fun
Debbie, Sheila and Jean
Phyllis, Faye & Virginia
Jean Lomax with Carole English
2012 board
Henry Lomax having fun
Signup table at opening meeting
Janice, Gwen and Pat
Sandy with programs for new year
Past Presidents being honored
Deborah and Susie at opening
More eating at opening luncheon
Centerpiece Winner Sandy Bingham
Rose poses for camera
Another centerpiece winner Carole E
Louise smiles for camera
Waiting for business to begin
Our gang at Hall Cty Expo
Guard at Waters' Garden
Flowers at Lynda Waters' Garden
View for Lynda's deck
Anita dishing the dirt
and Debbie dishing the dirt
gardener Ann Ripley
Good luck with bids on containers
Money man Martin Rosen
Debbie Dickson
Jean Lomax with the Rosens
Dawn Hines on Native Trees
Glorious Day at the Plant Sale
Faye and Virginia at the Sale
so many lovely plants at our sale
Blossom and John at our sale
Members chatting in June
Lauren's great smile
Randy, Susie & Linda discussing
guest speaker Randy Lewis
Faye talks about upcoming tour
Program updates from Debbie
Fearless Leader John Lomax
Our gang at Gibbs
more at Gibbs
Touring Cindy Bilbo's Garden
Our gang at Gibbs Gardens
Crafting for Boutique
June door prize winners
A&O Mountain Fresh Creamery
Here we are at Mtn Fresh
Our gang at Mtn Fresh Creamery
Speaker Debbie Boutelier
Susie & Carole
August door prize winners
I won! Clubhouse gift certificate
Boutique crafters
cooking up crafts
WFB Garden Trail
View from our Garden Trail
Judy with door passes for Nov. mtg
Prize winners in August
at the plant swap
Ann at the plant swap
Hi, Sandy
touring the Rosens' garden
and admiring the Rosens' garden
Hall Co Expo in Sept
shopping at Expo
buying at Expo
looking at Expo
Jan shopping
Betty and Mary studying plant
see y'all next year at Expo
touring Gibbs Gardens
Touring Gibbs Gardens
touring Gibbs Gardens
Louise Morgan at Gibbs
Gordon and Louise at Gibbs
A&O at Victorian Cowgirl
Sandy & Lynda in Cleveland
more in Cleveland
Woodland Boutique Co-Chairs Linda Morgan and Phyllis Hogelin
Linda Sedgewick setting up items for boutique sale
Faye Webster floor cloth donated for boutique raffle and won by Carol Deer
Lynn Affleck hand knitted a lovely afghan for the raffle and Nancy Allen won the drawing
Gorgeous centerpieces adorned the tables
WFB 2013 President Sandy Boring
2013 WFB Board L-R: John Lomax Deborah Valentine Jude Weidman Ellen Little Lonnie Puhger Lynn Affleck Linda Baker Judy Kauffman Sandy Boring
John receives parting gift from Sandy
Awesome cashiers for boutique were Diane LaCharite Patty Friedman and Virginia Hahn