Wildflower Bunch Garden Club


The Wildflower Bunch Garden Club is an active group of men and women who have broad experiences and interests and diverse sets of skills and expertise in gardening and gardening-related subjects.

We are a “right-sized” organization: big enough to leverage a wealth of resources and small enough to make each gathering a warm and comfortable environment for learning and sharing. 


All Big Canoe residents or property owners are eligible to join. In addition, anyone residing in a neighboring area and sponsored by a Big Canoe resident Club Member is also eligible to join. 

The requirement of sponsorship is waived for non-resident Members who consistently renew their memberships and do not allow them to lapse.

All who desire to join should have interests in common with the objectives of the Garden Club and be willing to participate in the activities of the Club.


Our annual membership fee secures your “ticket” to participation in all of our general meetings. It also entitles you to sign-up for our additional (optional) activities, luncheons, and special events, some at no cost and others at minimal cost.

To become a member or to renew your membership:

You may choose one of two methods:

1 - Click the button below to download the form, print it out, fill it out and leave it with a check in the WFB alpha box.
Be sure to put the check and filled out form in an envelope with the posting date on it.


2 - Fill out the form online (below) and leave a check in the WFB alpha box (instructions follow):

* following field name indicates required info

Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Membership type *

After submitting the form, please write a check for $20 to Wildflower Bunch Garden Club.

Send the check to:

10180 Big Canoe
Jasper, GA 30143-5118
Attn: WFB Membership

Or you can leave the check in the WFB alpha box at the Postal Facility. Be sure to put the check in an envelope with the posting date on it.