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All about Forms

Listed below are things I’ve been learning about forms:

1. If you change the name of a column then it will add the new name as the last column. That way any data collected under the previous name is retained with the previous name.However, you can manually changed the column name to match exactly the new name keeping the order the same as the form fields.

2. If you change the name of the spreadsheet or remove it, there is an internal link to the physical file that Squarespace uses, so even if you remove the file, the data is still updated where the removed file is moved to. You need to unlink the spreadsheet from the Squarespace form, then do as you wish, then you should be able to re-connect to the Google Drive with whatever name is desired.

3. I tested moving the 'Submitted On' column to the last column and everything still seems to be working

Picture galleries

Two steps:

  1. Create a gallery page in the “not linked” section of the pages sidebar, and name it in the format of “2019 Pictures”.

  2. Under the Photos section (in the navigation area), add a new page with the year, like “2019” and install a gallery block pointed at the above gallery.

  3. While Sara is handling photographs - she is uploading her photos to WFB Google Drive.

  4. Next step is to “Download” the folder to Barbara’s Google Drive. It is downloaded as a zip file. Then unzip the file.

  5. From here you can upload the photos as needed into the ‘gallery page’ as needed.

Questions Barb has:

  1. How are the files organized behind the covers?
    Answer: File structure is not exposed.

  2. How can you lessen the white space between paragraphs?
    Answer: This is done by a ‘shift+enter’.

  3. Can the header image height be made smaller?

  4. How can I center the image caption text? The small text editor bar does not include the justification capability.
    Answer: don’t use caption, use a text block