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How to edit this website

Picture galleries

Two steps:

  1. Create a gallery page in the “not linked” section of the pages sidebar, and name it in the format of “2019 Pictures”.

  2. Under the Photos section (in the navigation area), add a new page with the year, like “2019” and install a gallery block pointed at the above gallery.

  3. While Sara is handling photographs - she is uploading her photos to WFB Google Drive.

  4. Next step is to “Download” the folder to Barbara’s Google Drive. It is downloaded as a zip file. Then unzip the file.

  5. From here you can upload the photos as needed into the ‘gallery page’ as needed.

Questions Barb has:

  1. How are the files organized behind the covers?
    Answer: File structure is not exposed.

  2. How can you lessen the white space between paragraphs?
    Answer: This is done by a ‘shift+enter’.

  3. Can the header image height be made smaller?

  4. How can I center the image caption text? The small text editor bar does not include the justification capability.
    Answer: don’t use caption, use a text block